Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Probate and Football

By John DiMotto

Now that I have gotten your attention with the title of today's blog, let me say the only connection between Probate and Football is that one team will lose and be written off by some of the team's fans as dead and buried.

Today, I want to talk about my passion for football.

I am a HUGE Wisconsin football fan. I went to the University of Wisconsin Law School, graduating in December, 1974. I never missed a home football game during my time in law school. After graduation, I have continued to attend most games. I would have to say that in the 35 years since I have graduated, I have only missed about 10 home games. There is nothing like sitting in the stands among 80,000 people on a crisp fall day watching Badger Ball play out in Camp Randall Stadium. I have even attend a few away games, including a Rose Bowl game - the 1999 win over UCLA; a Hall of Fame Bowl game - a UW win over Duke; an Alamo Bowl game - a UW win over Colorado.

Tonight, I will watch my Badgers play the University of Miami -"The U" - in the Champs Bowl. The Badgers are the underdog - Miami is favored by 3.5 points. Most experts are picking Miami to "bury" the Badgers with a loss. People seem to think that the Miami speed will dominate the Badger brawn. However, I think that the Badger "resolve" can contain the Miami speed if the Badgers focus.

Yes, it is only a game, and life will go on regardless of who wins or loses. But, this bowl game will make for good drama tonight for 3 plus hours and I look forward to it. In the end, I hope the Badgers come out on top and that it will be the Badgers who deliver the "eulogy" at the end of the game.

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