Monday, February 15, 2010

Italian Experience

By John DiMotto
For the past two and one half months, I have been posting about my Bench and Bar Experiences. A "View from the Bench." However, for the past 12 days, I have had another view that I would like to share - a "View from Italy."
Earlier this month, I celebrated my 60th Birthday. My wife, Judge Jean DiMotto, decided to make it very special and set up a trip to Italy. She made it extra special and really surprised me by flying our daughter and her boyfriend all the way from Sydney, Australia to be with us in Italy.
We flew in to Rome and took the "fast train" to Florence where we stayed for the first 5 days. We went to the Uffizzi Gallery and the Accademia. Saw the Duomo, Santa Croce Basilica, Santa Maria Novella Basilica, Ponte Vecchio and more. Had great, truly authentic Italian food at restaurants where the locals eat. On one of our days in Florence, we took the train to Venice and spent the day. It was actually the first day of Carnevale and St. Mark's Square was abuzz with activity. Our daughter and her boyfriend took a side trip one day to Pisa. You can guess what photos they took there.
On the sixth day of our trip we took the "fast train" back to Rome and spent the last five days there. We toured the Ruins (Colloseum, Roman Forum and Palantine Hills), Piazza Venezia, Spanish Steps at Piazza Spagna, Piazza Barberini, Via di Populo, Pantheon, Via del Corso, Trevi Fountain, the fountains at the Piazza Navona, Triton Fountain, to name just a few of the sights and sounds we took in. Ate at some terrific restaurants and had some of the best Gelato, Espresso and Cappuchino ever.
So you see, a judge does not just experience the law, a judge also experiences life which, in turn, makes us a better judge of people and events.

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